Look for the “Shreks” in your business!

Look for the “Shreks” in your business!

It is well documented that a wrong hire can cost three times the salary of the poor hire, after you take into account the loss in productivity, workplace disruption and new hiring costs. If you reflect on every great hire that you have made or every great person that you have worked with, the most critical factor has been a positive/ “can do attitude” – a willingness to listen and help. This attribute will always outweigh great knowledge or skills. 

Sometimes people look wrong but are really really right- just like Shreks!

When interviewing both internally and externally, there are two considerations: their level of competency and their presentation style. Don’t get swamped by presentation style – look for the right attitude. People can look right and are wrong and you can miss opportunities of people who look wrong but are right. I like to call them the “Shreks” of your business, as suggested in this picture:

In conclusion, you do not want to miss the “Shreks” in your hiring decisions and with a year of change forecasted, you need to be able to recognise the “Shreks” currently in your business, that may be unnoticed and aim to provide new motivators and career opportunities to them, as they may not otherwise stay around!

Be aware that level of attractiveness does not indicate a  person’s level of competency. Make sure you do not have unconscious biases when judging a person’s capabilty. Reference thoroughly, do capabilty testing,  assessments, competency questionnaires and sight previous examples of achievements to back capabilties.

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Be wise on Weekends and De frag!

Love what you do!

Weekends will arrive quickly when you love what you do.

When you love your work, life seems so much easier. So often you hear the old saying Happy Wife Happy Life! As our lives become so connected, we can quickly get immersed in work all our waking hours. With ever present email and testy texts we can be thinking about work 24/7 (even when we sleep, our subconscious might also be dreaming about it!). Furthermore, did you know that nearly 70% of employees are actively disengaged? (according to a Gallup research). 

What to do?

1) Set boundaries for your time

2) Allow hours before bedtime where you switch off

3) Maximise your recreational times to include – mental, physical, spiritual space

4) Create interests outside of work

5) Have a 3rd space – find an outlet outside of work and home that is nurturing to you.


Enjoy your time out of work, it will make you a better contributor when you are working.

How to get a job straight out of School


A word to help you in your job search after school is DRREAM! Yes that is dream big and start big! Dream with an extra R for Really Amazing! 


DRREAM is an acronym for the smart steps to find a job:

D – Date and Don’t give up – you have to think of getting a job is like getting a date – prepare both physically and mentally – Don’t limit yourself. Say YES a lot – do your preparation.

R -Resume: write a succinct and powerful resume – 2 pages and include everything that you have ever volunteered for. Include all part-time jobs, internships and awards. Have 1-3 referees, even a quote of who you are to them. Be meticulous with resume detail – headers with how to contact your email & mobile.

R – Research – research your passions and think of companies you are passionate about – we always thrive, if we do what we have an interest in, something (just like school & sport) also research your trusted network – who do you like – what do they do? Ask them if you can do an internship? Keep an open mind – don’t limit yourself to certain types of jobs.

E – Early Work Experiences help. Young resumes stand out if they are loaded with work experiences and demonstrate tenacity – ie. internships, work experiences, volunteering, Duke of Edinburgh, Surf Life Saving etc.

A – Appropriate Dress and be flexible Wear what matches your market. If it is a conservative industry like professional services and banking – wear a suit. You are not being conformist – you are allowing yourself not to suffer unconscious biases and judgement, so people can make a decision on what you think and what you say rather than what you wear (much like a date really). Be flexible and say yes to interviews – no matter where they are located or what time of the day they request to meet.

M – Make Extra Effort and find a Mentor- Like a date – stand out from the rest – get online and research companies, start a blog on something you are passionate about that may be related, write an article and go the extra mile. Follow people who the company would be interested in. Find a mentor within your friends and family who you rate, who has led a good career and ask them to mentor you. They will get as much out of it as you.


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Performance Appraisals Are Like Flossing Your Teeth! – Done Regularly They Can Prevent Decay – Corporate Decay!


Not looked forward to but worth the effort and input with loads of hidden benefits!

When we floss our teeth we do not enjoy the process much, it requires getting into some detail, dealing with hidden spots and challenges, yet the outcome can be more than just top line removal of plaque. Performance appraisals can set a good plan and path moving forward and clear out unspoken challenges, misconceptions and grievances that may have been lurking and held back by employees. Good performance appraisals also allow a platform for smart review of past performance and strategic talent mapping.


Performance reviews should be a DATE – 


Defined and documented, have set expectations of what will be discussed, past and future performance, team environment, support required, what management needs to stop, start and continue doing.  Documented for clear review every six months.

Adventurous- prepared to face the truth, open, transparent and challenge the status quo.

Timely – the key to a great performance review is keep them timely (best every six months as 12 months is too long to have to turn around and steer direction).

Encouraging – we all know that human beings respond best to a carrot rather than a stick. As a mother, I have observed how kids close down to too much negative feedback but thrive on positive input and encouragement. You can not be false and gushy as everyone knows when feedback is authentic and recent studies show that the old “sandwich” feedback process is not so powerful anymore as people become sceptical of the good feedback – feeling it is tokenism. Empathise –make time to talk about them as a person. What are their personal aspirations that they want to share, this will build a deeper understanding for managing and getting the best out of them. Show an interest in their whole life goals and how they can achieve them.


However acknowledge the good and the bad in a pragmatic and respectful way – share empathy and insights around yourself and how you tackled challenges like this in the past. Give them insights into how you tackled such challenges, show them that you have walked that path as well. It is well known that great leaders show empathy to the journey of a subordinate. They deeply listen and stretch people beyond what they think they are capable of. 


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