A word to help you in your job search after school is DRREAM! Yes that is dream big and start big! Dream with an extra R for Really Amazing! 


DRREAM is an acronym for the smart steps to find a job:

D – Date and Don’t give up – you have to think of getting a job is like getting a date – prepare both physically and mentally – Don’t limit yourself. Say YES a lot – do your preparation.

R -Resume: write a succinct and powerful resume – 2 pages and include everything that you have ever volunteered for. Include all part-time jobs, internships and awards. Have 1-3 referees, even a quote of who you are to them. Be meticulous with resume detail – headers with how to contact your email & mobile.

R – Research – research your passions and think of companies you are passionate about – we always thrive, if we do what we have an interest in, something (just like school & sport) also research your trusted network – who do you like – what do they do? Ask them if you can do an internship? Keep an open mind – don’t limit yourself to certain types of jobs.

E – Early Work Experiences help. Young resumes stand out if they are loaded with work experiences and demonstrate tenacity – ie. internships, work experiences, volunteering, Duke of Edinburgh, Surf Life Saving etc.

A – Appropriate Dress and be flexible Wear what matches your market. If it is a conservative industry like professional services and banking – wear a suit. You are not being conformist – you are allowing yourself not to suffer unconscious biases and judgement, so people can make a decision on what you think and what you say rather than what you wear (much like a date really). Be flexible and say yes to interviews – no matter where they are located or what time of the day they request to meet.

M – Make Extra Effort and find a Mentor- Like a date – stand out from the rest – get online and research companies, start a blog on something you are passionate about that may be related, write an article and go the extra mile. Follow people who the company would be interested in. Find a mentor within your friends and family who you rate, who has led a good career and ask them to mentor you. They will get as much out of it as you.


Simone Allan, Director & Founder Mondo Search. Australian Business, established 21 years ago. Pleased to have placed 2700 Leaders in Business across Australasia.

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