Mondo Search is delighted to be part of the NPAworldwide recruitment network- an alliance of approximately 500 specialist recruitment firms around the world. The network allows us to work cooperatively with other firms on a local, regional, national and global scale by accessing one another’s candidate pools – ensuring our clients have access to all possible candidates to successfully fill virtually every occupation and industry role.

By being part of NPAworldwide, Mondo Search is able to be your single point of contact for all of hiring needs, no matter the position or industry on a local, regional, national and international level.

Working with an NPAworldwide member recruitment firm such as Mondo Search, offers numerous benefits to clients, including:

Boutique Service

Work with the owner, partner, or recruiter with a vested interest in your success. No need to “train” the junior account manager assigned to handle your account this month. While NPAworldwide members are able to work in a transactional environment, they typically develop long-term strategic partnerships with clients.

Single point of Contact

Develop a local relationship to support your recruitment needs worldwide. Recruitment starts and ends with a single point of contact and accountability for every hire.

Local ownership in both locations

Feel confident in the hiring process knowing that your local recruiter is working with a partner who is equally vested in a successful outcome.


NPAworldwide members are successful independent recruitment firms. Membership is offered on a selective basis to recruitment firms with a proven track record of both experience and success. Trust and integrity are hallmarks of our cooperative environment.

Backed by a network of peers

The superior service you expect with the backing from like-minded recruitment partners all over the world. Whether you have a specialized role to fill, or need to find talent overseas, NPAworldwide delivers.

Local and global knowledge

NPAworldwide members provide access to affiliated firms with market knowledge, legal expertise, language and cultural sensitivity, and best-fit candidates for openings in the countries where you are hiring.