Mondo Search helps organisations achieve competitive advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of the world’s most talented business leaders. With unrivalled networks, dedicated researchers and offices across Australasia, as well as international affiliations, we are known to identify top talent and to be able to present our recommendations back to our clients in a very short space of time. Many of our appointments at senior or board level are highly confidential and we do not openly advertise these roles. We carry out market mapping, talent identification quests and highly confidential searches for our clients.

We also have national and international affiliates through our NPA alliance – the Worldwide Recruiting Network, a network of over 500 specialised executive search owner operators.

At senior and board level roles, cultural fit can be the difference between why one senior candidate succeeds brilliantly and another does not.

Mondo Search focuses its efforts on the highest level of an organisation and works in a collaborative manner with chairs, boards and director selection committees. We identify individuals who bring the right level of intellect, personal style, diversity and integrity to strengthen the existing board and create a sustained, competitive advantage. We have a rigorous research, identification and screening process and we are known to present an exceptional shortlist of candidates. We understand the importance of a good board/organisational culture and also the need to identify candidates who bring the right mix of wisdom, intellect and cultural fit. We aim to ensure that the board is balanced, has a diverse array of perspectives and that the collective wisdom of the directors is unleashed and used for the benefit of the company’s shareholders.

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