Executive Evolution – your executive career transition partner that sets you apart

Are you concerned about the future of your redundant workforce?
Is there angst amongst your employees who are facing lay-offs?
Do you wish you could do more to help them navigate an uncertain future?

Mondo’s Executive Evolution is a powerful and productive service to be used by companies as an ‘Executive Career Relaunch’ program, helping your executives navigate an uncertain future. We understand the sensitive nature of exiting an executive and through our many years of experience working with top level executives, corporations, NFP’s and SME’s, we are able to provide a tailored and outcome focused service, helping your exiting executives to relaunch their careers.

The rate of change we are seeing today is unparalleled. All industries face disruption, jobs are being automated and the need to stay ahead of the curve is greater than ever, yet old rules of career success no longer apply. Having to suddenly exit a company may be even more devastating than before and people find themselves at a loss as to how to regroup, refocus and relaunch their career successfully in this environment.

For your employees to successfully come back from redundancy and go on to prosper it is crucial to work with a career consultancy to ensure their career can be secured, sustainable and successful for the long-term. Executive Evolution is your Executive Career Relaunch partner to work with your organisation and employees to ensure the restructuring and redundancy process is creating the most positive future possible.

Executive Evolution combines 20 years of Executive Search experience, placing more than 2,800 leaders in business, with executive coaching and cutting-edge digital techniques to assist your employees in future-proofing their career.

To explore how we can assist your organisation and employees contact us today