Mondo Search believes that business is more than simply work. It is about creating purpose and meaning.

Mondo Search supports three charities:


In our workplace, we are dealing with many people, often at a vulnerable time in their life. Choosing a career step has big impacts on all aspects of your life. We understand how important and privileged our role is. We are required to dig into people’s lives on a deep level. This is a process our team takes very seriously and are considerably invested in. Our team are very passionate about supporting one’s mental health and the importance of a supporting a healthy head-space. We support lifeline

The School of St Jude in Tanzania

At Mondo we donate a percentage of each placement to St Jude’s , These schools were founded by an amazing Australian pioneer, Gemma Sisia, born in the same country hospital as our Founder, Simone Allan Gemma and St Judes believes that the only way we can reduce world poverty is through education.

They provide free quality education to over 1300 students. They have a rigourous selection process, finding the brightest from the poorest.  St Jude’s not only supports the welfare of the students but also the employment of over 330 local Tanzanian staff: or read their latest news here:

Women’s Resilience Centre

The Women’s Resilience Centre founded in 2020 is a place of hope, healing and recovery for women who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse and trauma. Whilst many government and voluntary services provide housing and support for victims, most are short-term and through desperation, many women return to unsafe environments thereby perpetuating the tragic cycle of abuse and trauma.

The WRC is positioned to fill the gap between short-term crisis care and longer-term recovery. We provide a Resilience Program supported by a lived-experience peer-to-peer Mentoring Program, delivered nationally online and face-to-face. Through partnerships with housing providers, we are planning a national network of residential accommodation for up to 12 months, providing a safe space for women to reset their lives.

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