Mondo Search provides strategic advice and new business recruitment services. We work with both new start ups as well as established businesses globally. As we were once a start up ourselves, we know the challenge of setting up a great culture and building a brand. Our consultants are able to assist in building healthy work environments, in order to attract and retain great talent. Mondo Search has worked with many start up organisations in Australia to paths of success.

As the marketplace expands new business channels and opportunities for engaging new customers will be critical for organic growth. This could be online marketing, setting up sales channels, direct sales and marketing, training and franchising models. We can bench to you the best talent within your competitors. We can offer a complete market research program, as to how to build new channels of income streams. We work with organisations to set up new divisions or entirely new operations in new locations.

At Mondo Search we have a number of trusted, skilled professionals who can assist you in new business start ups. Once we have established your requirements we will provide you with a shortlist of candidates and/or contractors who we believe are best suited to you for the setup of your organisation.

We also work with them to retain good people through positive induction, on-boarding programs and through other programs that engage and reward good performers so that they build strong teams that perform over the long term.