Do I include a photo of myself on my resume?

Do I include a photo of myself on my resume?

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Some industries like photos and others do not.  Hospitality and positions that require public interface often prefer a photo. A photo can create unconscious biases – both positive and negative. So you have to make a judgement call yourself if they do not request it. Ask a friend or trusted advisor to give you candid feedback of what is a professional photo of yourself.


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Be wise on Weekends and De frag!

Love what you do!

Weekends will arrive quickly when you love what you do.

When you love your work, life seems so much easier. So often you hear the old saying Happy Wife Happy Life! As our lives become so connected, we can quickly get immersed in work all our waking hours. With ever present email and testy texts we can be thinking about work 24/7 (even when we sleep, our subconscious might also be dreaming about it!). Furthermore, did you know that nearly 70% of employees are actively disengaged? (according to a Gallup research). 

What to do?

1) Set boundaries for your time

2) Allow hours before bedtime where you switch off

3) Maximise your recreational times to include – mental, physical, spiritual space

4) Create interests outside of work

5) Have a 3rd space – find an outlet outside of work and home that is nurturing to you.


Enjoy your time out of work, it will make you a better contributor when you are working.