Think Big! Love Your Work

Think Big! Love Your Work

“If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life​” – Marc Anthony

SEEK released results that more than 1/3 of people are unhappy in their role. At Mondo Search, we have been operating for 24 years in recruitment and our research says that this statistic is conservative, sadly we believe more than 60% of people are unhappy in their roles. Converge International recently stated that 66% of Australian workers are unhappy in their role.

Why are people working in roles that they’re not happy in?

  • People are afraid of change
  • People are fearful of the future
  • Society expectations
  • Financial security more than – ABS in 2016 74% of households in Australia held debt, averaging $168 000. Credit card debt held by 55% of households

How do you find a role that you enjoy?

There are five key motivators in a role

1) The leadership                                              2) The workplace offerings and culture     

3) The career challenge & stretch                    4) The Learnings and

5) Financial Reward

Look at these 5 motivators when considering employment.

Think about what are your best skills where and when you were most happy? There are many online tests to look at your commercial strengths such as the strengthsfinder by Marcus Buckingham. Understand that some of your worst jobs can help you build resilience, often it is not until you hit rock bottom that you will make change.

Start to future proof your career – build a long-term engaging network from school or University, to past and present work colleagues. When people like to help others and when they do it is a known fact that happy hormones /endorphins are released.

Reach out to people who you think may be able to provide you with ideas and brainstorm what your strengths and passions are.

Build your bag of Tricks! Start to collate your bag of strengths and skills and consider new learnings that will contribute to your career success. There are many examples of people looking outside the box and finding commercial joy in new vocations. The hospitality industry is looking at ex-servicemen with their skills in discipline in operations, great sales negotiators could consider commercial mediator roles.

Also think about a “portfolio career” – do a few contracts at once and vary the roles. Many organisations now prefer to hire contractors for a few different functions.

So think about what makes you happy and go for it! We spend so much time now in our lives working so make sure you enjoy what you’re doing!!


6 Rules of Writing a Resume


Simone Allan has been recruiting executives across a range of industries for over 24 years, below are her 6 top tips for writing your resume.

1.Your front page should include as much detail as possible – career history summary with dates, personal details and education. Today AI often only scans the front page of a resume – so include as much information as you can.

2. Interests and personal details are optional but can be a good talking point

3. Ensure accuracy of dates, no gaps, correct titles and correct grammar. This applies to the covering email/letter as well as the resume! Highlight achievements.

4. Avoid assuming interviewers know your industry jargon, abbreviations or what your company does. Give brief explanations of company & dimensions of the company. The interviewer may not know all the companies listed.

5. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date and on the footer of each page and that you have a message bank on your phone whilst on your job search.

6. Provide trusted & respected referees – no need to issue mobile numbers, you can say numbers supplied at request.

We hope this helps you start to create or update your resume, if you’d like further advice contact Simone Allan on


New Year New You!

The Beautiful thing about the start of the New Year is that it is a clean page and an opportunity to shake things up and do things differently. As we spend so much time working it’s important that we do work that we enjoy and we work with people that inspire and support us.

This month we are offering free career coaching appointments if you feel like a think tank call and attached is a small career guideline tool. Feel free to share it with anyone looking to make a career change.

We are grateful for the people we work with, making work rewarding. Carmela, our Head of Talent Research has supported Mondo Search for 20 years and Steve has been placing leaders at Mondo Search for over 11 years. Both of them are extremely passionate and dedicated to what they do every day. We get so rewarded from supporting senior executives and enjoy finding organisations great talent, with speed and ease.

– Simone Allan
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Building Resilience at Work

During these unprecedented times, it can be tempting to sit it out and freeze any decisions for your team.  Depending on your industry – as some have most definitely been hit harder than others – it might very well be an excellent opportunity to review your business strategy and the team that you have in place to achieve it.

Have you noticed that some of your people are in a constant state of overwhelm and are less productive than usual?  Or potentially you’ve noticed that some members of your team have risen to the challenge and are looking for opportunities to improve the business through the COVID crisis?

Perhaps your decision to freeze any staffing decision making is causing unfair stress on your highest performing team members? 

We have not had a recession in 28 years so we have found finding an Aussie case study not so relevant so we have included this inspirational story:

Case Study:

“Todd Sachse, of Sachse Construction, a $120 million general contractor, made a bold move in 2009 as the 2008 crash hit.  He decided to buck the trend of the industry and to not downsize in the shrinking market.  He believed that the recession would not last forever, so he viewed it as an opportunity to achieve two objectives.  He wanted to hire new talent that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Plus, he wanted to maintain the vast majority of his staff when the recession ended. (…) As a result, Sachse Construction grew 200% during and coming out of the great recession.  During the same time, many other general contractors went out of business or shrank to less than half their previous size.” pg 6, Rocket Fuel, Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, Benbella Books Inc 2006

Now is a similar time!  Now is the time to make those hard calls. Now is the time to look for incredible talent. We are seeing some incredible people, who at no fault of their own are out looking for a new career opportunity. They are ready and willing to make a HUGE contribution and are open to contracting so you as an Employer can try before you decide to make a long term hire.

Wouldn’t it be good to look back on these COVID times as a time you made smart hiring decisions that led to amazing outcomes?

by Zoe Shacklady

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