6 Rules of Writing a Resume


Simone Allan has been recruiting executives across a range of industries for over 24 years, below are her 6 top tips for writing your resume.

1.Your front page should include as much detail as possible – career history summary with dates, personal details and education. Today AI often only scans the front page of a resume – so include as much information as you can.

2. Interests and personal details are optional but can be a good talking point

3. Ensure accuracy of dates, no gaps, correct titles and correct grammar. This applies to the covering email/letter as well as the resume! Highlight achievements.

4. Avoid assuming interviewers know your industry jargon, abbreviations or what your company does. Give brief explanations of company & dimensions of the company. The interviewer may not know all the companies listed.

5. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date and on the footer of each page and that you have a message bank on your phone whilst on your job search.

6. Provide trusted & respected referees – no need to issue mobile numbers, you can say numbers supplied at request.

We hope this helps you start to create or update your resume, if you’d like further advice contact Simone Allan on simone@mondosearch.com.au