We need Community outside work to keep us healthy & sane!

Three years ago I signed up my family to do our bronze medallions,  as my teenage sons were keen to use the gym🙃….The irony is they joined another gym, but so many other benefits have transpired.


1).Found a new Community We discovered that our local surf club was quite amazing – collegial,  supportive and nonpolitical, with so many great leaders who lead from the front! We live in a society with a predominance of  nuclear families,  without great old aunts and uncles close by. Having a community like the surf club has led to new connections & a sense of belonging. It takes a village to raise a child.


2) Fitness- we all got a hell of a lot fitter!  It was fantastic to do as a family challenge, especially with two energetic teenage sons.


3)No excuses to let Winter set you into slothful lifestyles… knowing that the run swim run will be requested again during the spring months. This has been a great motivation in winter to try to keep fit.

Good fitness tempers the mind  in business.


4)More life skills: Keeping up to date on first aid practices also assists in everyday life. Thsi year they brought in a mental health first aid module.


5)Finding the play! Certainly there is a serious side to surf patrol but the fun of learning new skills and learning to drive the buggy or bouncing in the IRB can bring a smile to your face, amidst a busy week.


There are so many other stories and points to share but as I finish this season of surf patrol I sit with a lot of gratitude and thanks to my local Surf Club and the opportunities that it has given my family & I.