Performance Appraisals are like Dental Check Ups – done regularly they can prevent decay – Corporate Decay!


Going to the dentist is often the way performance appraisals are viewed. We may dread it, however once we have been there, we are appreciative of the experience – if we have kept on top of things. Performance appraisals are an effective tool for informing employees about the quality of their work and for identifying areas for improvement.

Effective performance appraisals, like a dental check up, can lead to improving good performance and allow the opportunity to build a strategy for future good performance.  A good performance appraisal can also lead to increased productivity and a settled and happy employee. At the same time a poor performance appraisal result can assist in the process to flush out bad performance and ultimately provide evidence, if required, for dismissal.

Below are some best practice strategies on how to conduct a performance appraisal:

Sandwich approach works better than a Hot Curry!

  • Rather than being hot and disappointed upfront, do not see an appraisal as a time to ambush a poor result.  Think about the good results and the not so good results– what they need to improve and where they can improve

Be Prepared!

  • Like any good manager – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So be prepared and have your employees’ information and performance data on hand.  Consider past performance appraisals and training records, sales and other objective data, including customer feedback, in the performance appraisal review.

Don’t focus on the Negatives.

  • Giving examples of great behaviours is great practice. Give objective and constructive feedback. Encourage the employee to do most of the talking, so that they take responsibility for their own performance. Set clear, simple plans with them for the next immediate quarter and the 12 months ahead. Make a plan, so that if they did not meet last years plans, they have a strategy ahead. Show them how they do contribute to your company and the long term business. Include them in the long term company plans and ask for their thoughts.

 Make it Personal

  • Make time to talk about them as a person.  What are their personal aspirations that they want to share, this will build a deeper understanding for managing and getting the best out of them. Show an interest in their whole life goals and how they can achieve them.

Focus on the Follow up!

  • Like a dental practice, have set follow up dates in place and make them happen – the more often the better!

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