Contractors are Contributing to Business Success

The “try before you buy” principle is strong in the field of recruitment.  More and more companies are not certain of their business forecasts and with the increased regulations around redundancy and/or terminations, many employers are choosing the option of a contractor over a permanent employee.

There are many advantages of contractors:

> Project focused – give them a job need to be done – have it met and close the employment tenure;

> Contractors can be “expensed” on the Profit & Loss, so the overhead of payroll/superannuation and workers compensation can be reduced;

> Flexibility of resourcing staff;

> If the contractor proves more than resourceful, you have the option to offer them a full-time role.

Contracting has increased in the area of IT, finance, sales, marketing and human resources.  You may have a Brand plan to be revised with a fresh set of eyes; you may have a “one-off” promotion to be launched on-premise or you may require an extra set of “sales force hands”.

You may have a budget to be reviewed, or a remuneration review to take place.  All of these kinds of projects are perfectly suited for a contractor! Like temping, more and more executives also enjoy contracting.  It allows them to be “project focused” without the need to get involved in company politics.  It allows more freedom and flexibility of hours and the opportunity to have interim breaks between projects.

Most contractors tend to be “over qualified” for the position, so that when they commence a contract, they are already up to speed.  For example, if we were asked to fill a Contract State Manager role, we would tend to place someone that had managed up to National Sales level.  This reduces the time the contractor has to “learn the job, versus doing the job”. The benefit of this is now mature executives are securing more contract projects. Their years of experience are an asset to managing a contract assignment.

So in conclusion, contracting can help your business bottom line. For any short term needs in business please call us as we have a suite of expert contractors in all disciplines on tap and ready to roll!