Lee-Anne is a seasoned professional with a passion for leadership, coaching, and organizational development. With a wealth of experience and expertise in these areas, she brings a unique set of skills to the world of executive recruitment.

Throughout her career, Lee-Anne has excelled in roles that require a deep understanding of leadership and talent development. Her ability to develop and deliver state-of-the-art solutions to advance leadership capabilities aligns perfectly with her role as an executive recruiter.

In her previous role as Senior Manager of Talent Development at BeiGene, Lee-Anne was responsible for creating and implementing effective learning and development solutions. Her experience in assessing, developing, and delivering core leadership and employee development programs makes her a valuable asset in identifying and nurturing executive talent.

Lee-Anne’s collaborative nature and excellent coaching, consulting, and communication skills have allowed her to build strong relationships with business leaders and stakeholders. She has a track record of facilitating programs that lead to high participant satisfaction and course effectiveness.

With a background in designing and delivering training programs, Lee-Anne understands the importance of finding the right talent to drive an organization’s success. Her ability to identify and develop leadership skills, along with her knowledge of organizational coaching, makes her an ideal recruiter for executive positions.

Lee-Anne’s extensive experience in leadership development, talent management, and organizational culture ensures that she can match top executive talent with the unique needs of her clients. Her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest trends in learning and development further enhances her ability to connect executives with the right opportunities.

With a proven track record of creating and delivering tailored solutions across diverse workforces, Lee-Anne is ready to leverage her skills and experience to help organizations find the executive talent they need to thrive.