Rhythm of the working week is a powerful thing!


It is now known that some days are better than others to perform certain tasks.

For many years I ran my weekly team meeting on a Monday morning and I could not understand why it never seemed to have much spark. The team struggled to remember the previous week. They were generally de-motivated. I moved the team meeting to Wednesday mornings and immediately the meetings were more punchy and productive.

Days for external interactions and business development are more effectual on a Thursday or Friday. I now pencil in Business Development for those days. Mornings better for interviews.

It is also interesting to see some statistics from our online advertising that shows which days are more popular for candidates to search online for roles.   

Monday is by far the most popular day to search for jobs online, followed by Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is the slowest day for job searching, work gets forgotten.  

In terms of timing, most candidates search for jobs online between 1pm and 3pm then again at night – between 9pm and 10pm.  A lunchtime spent checking the job market and at night, post family commitments.

Each day of the week affects our workplace behaviour.

Monday – the great Aussie sickie!

A new study from the Workforce Institute in the US reveals that 39% of workers admit to calling in sick because they want an extra day off – and Monday is the peak day for this. This means offices are likely to be more short-staffed and co-workers more stressed on a Monday.  It is also common to suffer depression on a Sunday afternoon and night, as you feel overwhelmed by the week ahead, and may feel regretful you did not complete the tasks you set for the weekend. No wonder my team meetings did not work on a Monday!

Tuesday- day of doing!

Tuesday is the peak day for work output and efficiency. You are back into routine and are not tired of the working week. Intellectual performance peaks are between 10am and noon, so work output is likely to be at its optimum at this time.

Wednesday – day of creativity!

Wednesday is the best day for creative thinking, strategy and brainstorming. Your brain is fully engaged with work, but you still have plenty of midweek energy.   I now understand why a weekly team meeting on a Wednesday works better!

Thursday – day of negotiation!

Workers are relatively more submissive and open to negotiation. It could be argued that it is the best day to nail a transaction.

Friday – a day of more risks!

Workers take more risks and have more accidents on a Friday. This is a day to broach new thinking and ways to work. It is a “ Blue Sky day”

So in these unpredictable market times, insightful leadership and motivation is critical and working with the rhythms of the week can make a big difference.

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