Retail Industry Recruitment

Australian retail is one of Australia’s largest industry sectors. 50% of Australians work or have worked in the retail sector at some point in time in their lives with supermarkets, fast food, specialty stores and wholesale and logistics companies employing the largest number of workers in the industry. Over the years, the retail industry has undergone significant changes, from the emergence of automobiles, to the introduction of the mobile phone, and most recently, the surge of online retailing and omni channel retailing.

Recently, foreign retailers have flocked to Australia to expand their global footprint. The industry is growing in leaps and bounds with the rise of shopping malls, private equity investors, big box retailers, vertical brand integration, and internet shopping.

Mondo Search provides detailed insight and network communities from years of expertise and involvement within the retail industry. Experience working in the retail field prior to becoming a retail consultant provides understanding that both clients and candidates can relate to and can rely on to deliver the best long term solutions.

We work with employers that seek people that can contribute and build financial results, innovate, and importantly, contribute positively to the culture of the organisation. We can contribute to working proactively with our clients to find hidden talent and to positively position our clients and their brand proposition. We assist our clients in searching for new great talent and work with them to retain their employees through positive induction and onboarding programs.