Getting the Right Team on the Bus in 2018

The wonderful pause at year end allows us to review, regroup, revitalise and reprogram direction ahead. The first few of January are like a white canvas, they’re yours to paint, as you desire. Companies can reflect on what worked and what needs fixing. It is a perfect time to review the distribution of workflow and analyse who is best to take the lead on key projects. It is the time to look for contractors to drive projects and to maximise smart workplace resourcing.

At the same time many executives have had time to contemplate their navels and may decide that they are not fulfilled in their workplace and decide to move on. This often results in unexpected New Year resignations and provides a chance for leaders to regroup and look at alternative structures for resourcing. This allows us to reset new goals for hiring and talent acquisition.

So, how to prepare yourself, your team, your company for a big 2018? Set your goals and break each goal into defined measurable tasks, delegate the tasks, define action plans by person with time frames and go for it! There are now some incredible project management tools online for free like Trello, Jira and Microsoft Project to support you with this.

Define each role with key position descriptions – list the key responsibilities and outcomes required. Make sure that those who do not meet the key criteria are not considered. Do not bend the person into the role. Define exactly what the role requires and make sure you find talent to ensure those goals are met. Ensure smooth onboarding is in place and people are best equipped to carry out the role.

Fail to plan and you will plan to fail! Go for 2018 with a clearly defined plan and you will have comfort that you are putting your best foot forward to tackle every step ahead.

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