Resume writing can be challenging at the best of times. Including all the necessary information and key points about your entire career in a format that is easy to read, could be the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview. Below are Mondo’s answers to the most popular questions asked on Google about resume writing.

1. Do I include a photo of myself on my resume?

Some industries like photos and others do not.  Hospitality and positions that require public interface often prefer a photo. A photo can create unconscious biases – both positive and negative. So you have to make a judgement call yourself, if they do not request. Ask a friend or trusted advisor to give you candid feedback of what is a professional photo of yourself.

2. What are the most necessary components of a resume?

Name and contact details on each page (as a header or footer), ensure all your most important detail lies on the first page, i.e. include your entire (relevant) career history summarised in a table, then your qualifications, your professional associations/memberships and finally your major career achievements. The 2nd/3rd page outlines your Career History (expanded) where you are able to list your key responsibilities and achievements in each role. Finally, offer your referee’s available on request, or even a quote from them.

3. How do I write a resume with a first page summary?

Artificial Intelligence today often scans first page and then grades your candidate validity so first page content is critical. Your first page must be clear and succinct, no fluff. Ensure all your most important information is collated on the one page as this is often all that is scanned when your CV is digitally read.