Innovate and Adapt or Perish


No longer are we talking IQ or EQ – we are talking AQ (adaptability)

Organisations searching for new ways to improve the bottom line are starting to develop innovation clusters with highly flexible individuals, who thrive in adaptably.

While companies focus on retaining and developing key staff, leaders are now engaging in long-term projects to deliver innovation by building innovation clusters with innovation thinkers. In order to strive for constant innovation can companies need to know that ‘light bulb’ moments that deliver one idea at a time are not enough to stay ahead.

Innovation clusters may take time to get established but once they start delivering they have the capacity to keep delivering strategic advances over many years. They are deeply and constantly engaged with innovation and relish the opportunity to keep pushing forward.  

The search for innovation is like fitness training. Innovation clusters keep the business fit and flexible. They deliver stamina that is vital to long-haul and sprint speed that allows companies to stay ahead.

Many of our clients are developing 3-5 year innovation plans and pipelines and there is a growing call for Innovation Managers to review current strategy and projects and recommend improvements and key priority projects.  

Teams with proven analytical/problem solving and time management abilities are sought, group facilitation skills and commercial acumen.  Their role is to assess the viability of projects prior to setting up and leading project teams to deliver these projects to market.

Innovation is the key to future productivity increases. Innovation turns road blocks into speed bumps as well as bringing colour and excitement to our future.

The difference between Innovation and Invention is the value step. The future success of most businesses will almost certainly come, in great part, from future innovations we haven’t even thought of yet.

To innovate efficiently and usefully we need to carefully select a team that is empathetic to each other, sympathetic to the need, able to think outside the square .

Today companies are realising the value for in house innovation managers, who take ownership for the generation of creative and profitable ideas that will lead to business growth, rather than use external consultants. These people have strong commercial acumen and an entrepreneurial, creative approach, balanced with a strong commercial orientation.

At Mondo Search we see highly talented innovation managers returning from overseas markets such as the US and Europe.  Companies seeking new ways to build organic growth, heading to 2020 should consider the appointment of an Innovation Manager or an Innovation Team.

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