How to get a job straight out of graduation – DRREAM Big


A word to help you in your job search after school or university is DRREAM! Yes that is dream big and start big! Dream with an extra R for Really Amazing!

DRREAM is an acronym for smart steps to find a job:

D – Date and Don’t give up: you have to think of getting a job is like getting a date – prepare both physically and mentally – Don’t limit yourself. Say YES a lot – do your preparation.

R – Resume: write a succinct and powerful resume – 2 pages and include everything that you have ever volunteered for. Include all part time jobs, internships and awards. Have 1-3 referees, even a quote of who you are to them. Be meticulous with resume detail – headers with how to contact details. List milestones/ wins.

R – Research: research your passions and think of companies you are passionate about – we always thrive, if we do what we have an interest in. Research your trusted network – who do you like – what do they do? Ask them if you can do an internship? Keep an open mind – don’t limit yourself to certain types of jobs.

E – Early Work Experiences help: Young resumes stand out if they are loaded with work experiences and demonstrate tenacity – ie. internships, work experiences, volunteering, Duke of Edinburgh, Surf Life Saving etc.

A – Appropriate Dress: Wear what matches your market. If it is a conservative industry like professional services and banking – wear a suit. You are not being conformist – you are allowing yourself not to suffer unconscious biases and judgement, so people can make a decision on what you think and what you say, rather than what you wear.

M – Make Extra Effort and find a Mentor: Like a date – stand out from the rest – get online and research companies, start a blog on something you are passionate about, that may be related. Write an article and go the extra mile. Follow people who the company would be interested in. Find a mentor within your friends and family who you rate, who has led a good career and ask them to mentor you. They will get as much out of it as you. Studies now show that pheromones or happy hormones are released when someone helps another.