Are Resumes a thing of the Past? Is a Tik Tok video preferred?


January 2023 cover letters and resumes are still widely used in the job application process. Traditional resumes and cover letters remain common, especially for professional and corporate positions but mostly only 1-2 pages are required

Some tech companies and startups have been known to adopt creative and unconventional methods to evaluate candidates. These can include challenges, case studies,in- trays, group assessments, social outings and video submissions.

Regarding TikTok videos specifically, some companies, particularly those in creative industries or with a strong social media presence, may encourage or require applicants to submit TikTok videos as part of their application process.  This is more likely to happen in roles where creativity, social media skills, or video content creation are essential.

Here are a few reasons why an  employer might opt for TikTok videos in their hiring process:

  • Creativity and Innovation: TikTok videos can showcase a candidate’s creativity and ability to think outside the box. In the hospitality industry, creativity can be an asset, especially in roles related to event planning, marketing, or guest engagement.
  • Social Media Skills: If the employer values social media presence or skills, especially for positions in marketing, communications, or guest relations, requesting TikTok videos can be a way to assess a candidate’s ability to create engaging content on a popular platform.
  • Personality and Communication Skills: Videos allow employers to get a better sense of a candidate’s personality, communication style, and presentation skills. This can be particularly important in customer-facing roles within the hotel industry.
  • Brand Alignment: By asking for TikTok videos an employer  may be looking for candidates who align with the brand’s image and values. Videos can convey a sense of personality and cultural fit, which might be harder to gauge from a traditional resume.
  • Targeting a Younger Audience: TikTok is popular among younger demographics, and if an employer is looking to appeal to a younger workforce or a guest demographic, using TikTok as part of the hiring process may be a strategic move.

The key reason for a resume is to share with speed your skills and competencies. Maximise the front page with a succinct summary of your career history and education and contact details and outline your key contributions and accomplishments in your history. Flavour the content with a little about you – personal interests, milestones and credible referees. The power of Tic Toc and other tools like social postings, intrays will all add to how you think and give insight into your “power skills” that companies seek such as resilience, problem solving, clear communication, tenacity, thriving through ambiguity and adapting to change. Go well and reach out to Mondo Search if  you ever want  to just have a chat about what is next for you in  2024.

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