For many, Christmas is seen as a time to finally stop and relax. 

Einstein said “ there is no room in a busy mind for creativity” Christmas to me it is a fantastic time, it is really the only blackout time, where you CAN ACTUALLY not look at your inbox for a week – YOU CAN  stop, reflect & rejuvenate.

It is an ideal time for renewal & defrag!  It can be a time to gather your thoughts, away from the everyday, grow new ideas and give life to new ventures for the year ahead.

I believe Christmas time often highlights artisans and true creative types, witnessing them in many ways such as at Christmas fairs and celebrations. There are numerous creative outputs by gifted chefs and designers/friends and family. You discover great talents and offerings of the many wonderful people around you.

Recently, I was overwhelmed with the great creativity, generosity and innovation of the Deniliquin community – The Country Store a group of country cooks have united together to supply a range of gourmet food products for sale – all products are handmade and all proceeds go to support the community for mental health needs and drought-stricken communities.   Their goal is to raise $9 million! This is a great example of the creative outputs around Christmas. For more information please go their website 

Creativity is the key to generating success and allows us to adjust and adapt to the changing times ahead.

Make 2020 count. Enjoy your Christmas break – relax, rest and renew! May 2020 bring GREAT HEALTH AND LOADS of new prosperous ideas and creativity for you and your family!